Jermyn Street

Jermyn Street runs parallel to Piccadilly in St. James's and is renowned worldwide for its exclusive gentleman's tailors, shirtmakers and bootmakers.

Its history dates from 1664 when Henry Jermyn, Earl of St Albans, obtained a grant of 45 acres of land from King Charles II. This land was an area once known as St. James's Fields and was part of the estates of the Hospital of St. James, a Norman foundation for the care of women suffering from leprosy.

In the late 1660's Henry Jermyn built St. James's Square and the surrounding streets including Jermyn Street and what later became known as Piccadilly. Due to the proximity of the royal Court, Jermyn Street and the neighbouring area became a highly sought after residential district and after the opening of the first shop in 1701, Jermyn Street began to attract craftsmen and merchants of the highest quality.

Jermyn Street was particularly popular with gentlemen and bachelors since there were numerous gentlemen's clubs in the vicinity. This patronage obviously influenced the development of the trade in Jermyn Street, explaining the prevalence of gentlemen's barbers, shirtmakers, tailors, tobacconists and wine merchants, many of which are still in evidence today.

Jermyn Street
St James's

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