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We care a great deal about the quality of the directory so only list quality websites which are relating to, or pertaining to London. We frequently add websites we come across, but also welcome suggestions.

Please complete our website suggestion form if you'd like to submit a website to be listed on Please note we charge a one off admin / editorial fee of 30 + VAT.

Should the website meet our quality guidelines it will be listed.In order for a website to meet our quality guidelines it will firstly need to contain content and information or offer products and services of interest to a London audience. For business submissions, the business will need to trade in and have an address in London.

Examples of sites which will NOT be accepted at include:
  • Websites which contain content and information not relevant for a London audience, and business websites that do not have a presence in Greater London.
  • Websites which in our own editorial judgment contain out of date, inappropriate or poor quality content.
  • Websites where we deem the content to be of low value to our users.
  • Websites that violate UK law or promote hate, violence or racial intolerance.
  • Websites that relate to the sale of narcotics, tobacco, steroids, prescription drugs, and similar products.
  • Websites that sell, or are related to, ammunition, firearms, or their related accessories.
  • Websites that contain sexual content, or provide sexually oriented products or services.

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We charge a one off admin / editorial fee of 30 + VAT for submissions.
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