Leadenhall Market

The Leadenhall Market was established in the 14th century when a meat and fish market occupied a series of courts behind the grand lead-roofed mansion of Leadenhall on Leadenhall street. It became one of the best places in London to buy meat, game, poultry and fish. In 1666 the market was destroyed in the Fire of London and over the following years new buildings were erected on the old site.

The present glass and iron hall dates from Victorian times and stands as a picturesque contrast to Richard Rogers' famous contemporary Lloyd's Building nearby. Today, Leadenhall is a thriving retail centre with a wide range of goods on sale. A few meat and fish traders remain, but for the most part, trendy shops, smart cafes and sandwich bars have taken over.

The market also houses the historic Lamb Tavern, a Grade II listed building covering three floors.

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday from 7am until 4pm.

Leadenhall Market
Whittington Avenue
The City

Getting There
The market is located to the south of Leadenhall Street between Gracechurch Street and Lime Street.

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