London Bridge

The first London Bridge was built by Romans sometime after 43 AD and some of its wooden remains have been uncovered on the north side of the river.

During its life the wooden structure was renewed several times. At one time, one of these structures was washed away by a flood, and another was torn down by invading Vikings, led by Olaf the Norseman in 1014.

It was only bridge across the Thames in London until Westminster Bridge was built in 1721. The first stone bridge was built in the 12th century and at one time there were houses and shops on it, just like any other road.

In 1968, the City of London decided to sell its bridge for $2.6 million to Robert P. McCulloch, founder of Lake Havasu City, who needed a bridge to connect the city to an island in the lake. The island was created in order to remove an obstruction that blocked water flow from the Colorado River into Thompson Bay. It took three years to carefully take down, ship and reconstruct the landmark bridge, and more than $7 million to rebuild it in Lake Havasu City.

The present London Bridge was built in 1973.

London Bridge
London Bridge

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