Changing of the Horse Guards

This ceremony takes place daily at Horse Guards Parade Whitehall (weather permitting) and consists of the 'new' guards replacing the 'old' guards on duty. Here the horseguards march from Hyde Park to Whitehall via the Mall for the changeover (11am) and the 'old' horseguards march back the same way.

Anywhere along the route will provide you with wonderful sights of the uniformed horses and guards and great photo opportunites.

Horse Guards Parade is London's largest single open space, built in 1745 to house the old palace guards. Two mounted troopers of the Household Cavalry stand guard over the entrance to the Horse Guards. It was built where the old guardhouse for the 16th century royal palace of Whitehall once stood. The clock tower dates from the 18th century, built by William Kent and John Vardy. The low arch, guarded by two dismounted sentries, leads to Horse Guards Parade which is fringed by government offices and the Prime Minister's official Downing Street residence.

Opening Hours
Summer: daily 11:00am (10:00 Sundays) on Horse Guards Parade
Winter: daily 11:00am (10:00 Sundays) in the courtyard

Dismount ceremony daily at 4:00pm

Changing of the Horse Guards
Horse Guards Parade

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