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Introductory 0% Balance Transfers - Visit this website to see which card companies offer 0% balance transfer credit cards. An introductory interest free annual percentage rate (APR) is offered as an incentive to attract new cardholders and lasts for a specified period of time which is usually 6 months, although some providers offer 9 months or even 12 months. When the intro period expires the rate reverts to the standard APR.

You could dramatically cut your interest bill and save yourself a fortune by shifting your current card debt, but look out for the fees most issuers now charge. The fees are typically 2-3% of the amount transferred, originally this was limited to a maximum charge of 50, however a recent trend has seen an increasing number of card companies set an uncapped fee.

Visit this website to see which cards offer 0% for balance transfers and find a card which best fits your needs.

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Low Interest Credit Cards - Don't pay punitive rates of interest on your credit card. Visit this website to see who offers 0% interest free rates for balance transfers and or new purchases. Some providers offer 0% for as long as 9 months. The best way to avoid paying unnecessary interest is opt for a card with 0% interest on purchases as well as balances.

If you're currently paying off debt on an existing credit card and being charged interest at 12% or above, it is worth switching to a credit card offering interest free for a limited intro period. This will give you time to reduce a sizeable chunk of the debt without accruing any interest. You should look out for hidden charges when transferring a balance as some issuers will charge you a fee for transferring a balance.

If you would prefer to avoid the hassle of switching regularly or don't carry over a debt each month, then a long-term low interest rate may be more appropriate for you.

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