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Invoice Finance & Factoring Services - Factoring or invoice finance provides an effective way to get at money with is owed to a business and provide working capital. Factoring will provide funds to a business with no time delay from issuing invoices.

For many small and medium sized businesses delays in invoice settlement from clients can cause severe cash flow and working capital problems. Factoring is an attractive alternative to collecting outstanding invoices. By transferring the debt collection and ledger management to a factor company, you will almost immediately get cash advances when you issue a new invoice.

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Business Link - Invoice Finance, Discounting - Find information useful to companies considering invoice factoring, the process of selling invoices to a third party in order to draw loans against the money owed to the business. A factor essentially provides a debt collection and ledger management service and will assist with cashflow as you get the money for any issued invoices within a few days rather than waiting for settlement. A factoring services can also be used to reduce administration overheads.

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